What date/time is the 2017 Kingston to Negril Ride?
Saturday October 14, 2017
Toyota Jamaica Limited
90 Old Hope Road Road
Kingston 5
Group B (ave 15mph): Departs 4:30am
Group A (ave 18mph): Departs 5:45am

Why are participants divided into two groups?
The committee has decided to introduce 2 groups in an effort to exercise and encourage group control due
to the varied fitness levels. This will also assist greatly in logistical and event management.

What will I need to start the ride?
CPSC approved bicycle helmets are REQUIRED and must be worn while riding. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2 bottles of fluid, properly fitting shoes, jersey and cycling shorts, and of course your bicycle.

Are Tri-Bars allowed on the ride?

Will there be vehicular support?
Yes, in addition to a support vehicle(SAG), there will be a doctor, mechanic, ambulance(with 2 EMT's)
and 2 police outriders for each group.

What happens if I have a mechanical issue?
The mechanic attached to the support vehicle will be there to effect minor repairs to your bicycle.

Will personal vehicles be allowed?
No personal vehicles will be allowed in the convoy. Personal support vehicles may go ahead to
the scheduled stops and wait for their own participant if they so desire. This to facilitate,
where possible, the reduction to traffic congestion due to an inflated convoy.

How much is the registration fee this year?
WITH Pledge Sheet - J$1000.00 with minimum J$9,000.00 in pledges
WITHOUT Pledge Sheet - minimum J$10,000.00

Will pledge sheets for this years selected chariity be available?
When should these pledges be returned?

Yes, pledge sheets will be issued to each registered participant.
These pledge sheets must be returned by October 7th, 2017.

Will return transportation be available for those participants who may need?
Yes, return transportation to Kingston (via Mandeville, Spanish Town) will be made available for the
first 40 participants who have indicated as such in their registration slip.

How many rest/hydration stops are there?
There will 5 stops (which are indicated on the registration form) prior to the arrival in Negril.

In case I feel fatigued is there a contingency plan in place for me?
Yes, if you find yourself separated from your group by 5 minutes or more you will be encouraged to make your
recovery in the support wagon to the next stop.

Will I be able to ride ahead of my assigned group
All participants are encouraged to remain within the safety of the group they have been assigned to. Those riders
who leave the safety of the group and ride ahead of the lead vehicle do so at their own risk, plus getting to the
designated rest stop before schedule does not guarentee that it will be open. If you are unable to keep up
with your assigned group please see above FAQ.

How can I access additional information with regards to this years event?
All queries can be sent to info@jamaicabybike.com
A response will be forthcoming within 12 hours.

What advice would you offer to the prospective participant?
a) Ensure your bike has been recently serviced.
b) Drink before thirsty, eat before hungry, on bike.
c) Have an electrolyte supplement.
d) Comfortable clothing and shoes.
e) Obey instructions from ride management and accompanying police outriders.
f) Have fun!